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The McDanels
” Health is our greatest wealth! This focus has had profound impact on our fitness, how we raised our children and how we affected our community.”
                                                             ~ Connie & Michael McDanel

Tracy W. Gaudet, M.D., director of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine, wrote an interesting comment in a Fitness magazine article. Women were asked, “How healthy will you be at 50? All of them answered, “Very”.

As part of the awareness building, the center asked them specifics about their lives. They asked the women about their health histories, diet, exercise habits and stress levels.

The results were that each of the candidates, like many busy women, had let healthy habits slide almost WITHOUT realizing it.

Being asked specifics and reflecting about their lifestyles gave them the realization that they needed to consciously make some changes.bikers

How about you? Is it time to consider intentionally reflecting about all areas of lifestyle to create the vitality ten years from now?

Two-thirds of Americans have health related issues due to lifestyle. Most of those are directly related to the downward slide of healthy habits due to busy lives.

Email us for a copy of the “8 spokes to the Lifestyle Wheel” to begin your own journey.

How do YOU define health?

Have you ever considered there are multiple variables that directly affect your wellness?

If you are looking to improve your overall health, you must consider looking at ALL the variables of your current lifestyle. For those who are choosing to look at all areas of health, you may consider the value Young Living products can provide.

Many people have incorporated Young Living products into their lifestyle and they have benefited in multiple ways including the elimination of the hidden toxins that assault healthy families.

The reason people are getting better results is because of the Young Living difference.

To understand the power of these essential oils, we must look at their biochemical nature because this is where there is a substantial difference.  A stringent Seed to Seal process assures the quality so that you can achieve optimal results.

Essential oils help your body in multiple ways. They are 70 – 80 percent carbon which means they absorb toxins to eliminate them from your body. They are lipid soluable so they pass through the cell membrane providing amazing health benefits on a cellular level.  In addition, they support all nine systems of the body.

Treating Symptoms

“There is a basic flaw in our thinking about health care in this country. We treat symptoms, not the underlying cause of the disease”.

~ Patrick Quillin, Ph.D

According to the Associated Press, 241 millions pounds of pharmaceuticals enter our waterways every year affecting human health and the environment.  There is a need to reduce our dependence on so many medications, not only for health reasons but also for the impact on our environment.

Many individuals also get passionately committed to creating an environmentally healthy home using the Thieves collection which makes a significant contribution to human health and the health of our waterways.

You will find great joy, like many other individuals who have discovered a vibrant lifestyle and through the benefits of oil-infused nutrition (better assimilation). They now feel younger and feel more vitality than they did 20 years ago.

Athletes love the endurance and recovery benefits of these products along with the many parents who are grateful that their children can fill in the nutritional gaps with a quick shake. When essential oils are added to nutrition, the assimilation is always much higher so individuals have greater results.

Weight loss the healthy way has been achievable by so many with the Core Essentials Complete and with Slique, weightloss tea.

There is such value in teaching others that they can literally save money using YL replacing the products they already use.

In less than a half hour, we can walk you through eight lifestyle steps that are pertinent for long term vitality. This is a complementary information session to get your journey started. Contact us for the free guide.

Healthy Family
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

~ World Health Organization, 1948


We know that there are thousands of health products out there, so you are probably wondering how essential oil products will create greater benefits for you.

Is there REALLY a difference?

We have a heart felt passion to simply educate and allow consumers to choose what fits their needs. So contact us today. We focus on lifestyle education and the product benefits that match your needs and interests. As an informed consumer, you make your own decisions.

Have an awesomely blessed day! Michael and Connie McDanel